martedì 24 aprile 2012

Animal Flag

Animal Flag - Everything Will Be Okay:



My heart, my heart, my heavy stone
Won’t forgive my mortal bones
A vessel used for holding on
To all the wrongs that I have done
Is there anything that we can do?
To stop the terror that ensues
Where will you go when you have lost
Your innocence, what did it cost?

My head, my head, it creeks and moans
Shooting through my hollow bones
Adding to a quilt of thought
Sewn into a troubled lot
And now the only thing that I can see
Are all the places I should be
And the anxiousness that haunts me
Consumes my every thought and deed

I stood there in the shallow snow
My lips of blood, my feet so cold
Staring into dark unknown
Fear upon my heavy stone
When the midnight sunrise tore the sky
Right above the mountain side
Unveiling slow and steady light
Preview of eternal life

Everything will be okay

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