venerdì 28 giugno 2013

Fossil Collective

Fossil Collective - Let It Go:



I'm on the inside everybody knows what you will say
Leaves on the ground, already came
We were an island, you were the one who broke away
I was a mess before you came

We started something, tried to make a fire without a flame
Why it wasn't right I couldn't say
There's a light in the sky and it's coming up high
And why did I ever go - the longest night I've ever known

Only when the moon is high enough
Only when the stars are lining up

Let it go - now is not the answer
How can anybody else have known
Let it Go - now is not the answer
Call me when you see the sun lie low

You were the ocean - I was drawn into you
But you can't always get where you are going to
Where are we going ... where are we going
There are mountains to climb so let me carry you

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